Donation code for organisations

Donation code for organisations

A donation code is not required for the use of Picto-Selector in your organization, whether it is commercial or not.

But in order to continue to support the project it helps immensely if you make a donation for each user in your organization. You can buy donations in Picto Selector . You will receive an invoice that can be checked in.

Service Level Agreement

It is also possible to conclude a service contract for the use of a “Large network code” in your organization. With such code all pictosheets are stored as files on your network and access to the pictosheets is thus left to your file server.
Please see this page for Picto Selector in large organizations with more information.


Finally, it is possible to conclude an (annual) contract that allows you access to the source code of Picto-Selector in case I no longer are able to maintain it.


Picto-Selector is registered in the Netherlands with KvK number: 67577164

If you want to buy a service license agreement or donation code for your company please enter the information about your company in this form.
I will create a invoice for you with the included information. And send you a donation code after receiving the bank/paypal transfer.

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