Pictosheets Online

You share your work online with other people in the world. You can share the selected pictosheet with Share on in the pictosheet menu.

Enter a description which can be used by other people to find your sheet. Your name and email is optional.

Send by email

If you want to email your pictosheet, you have a few options.

Export/import sheets

In Picto-Selector you can export and import pictosheets and share them with other Picto-Selector users. From the file menu, choose for the option export or import pictosheets.

Export to PictogramAgenda

PictogramAgenda is an free Android app. PictogramAgenda allows to set up and order a sequence of images (maximum 20) to form the visual schedule (agenda).

Picto-Selector can export a pictosheet to the PictogramAgenda file format. When you save it to a dropbox location then it is automatically available on your Android device.

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